Wall Commander Variant

by Gauntlet Hobbies - Garrett

Difficulty: Easy

Speed: Slow

Number of Players: 3-5

Description: Players sit as usual, in a circle. In front of one randomly chosen player, is a wall that starts with 40 life. Players can’t attack the player with the wall, but instead deals damage to the wall. When the wall’s life drops to 0, it dissolves and is removed from the game. At the beginning of the player who had the walls upkeep, a 6 sided dice is rolled. A 1-2 means the wall is moved to the left, a 3-4 means the wall is moved to the right, and a 5-6 means the wall stays where it is. The benefit of this is that all decks are slowed and it allows each deck to build to a powerful board state with very little interference. 

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