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Kingdoms Rules:

    Kingdoms is played with 4-6 players adding an Bandit and an additional Knight Beyond 4. (add bandit then knight) 

  • Every player receives one role card face down at random. There are 5 Roles: the King, the Knight, the Usurper, the Assassin, and the Bandit.
  • The King is the only player that reveals their identity. All other players cannot reveal their roles until the game is completely over.
  • The King always starts first and begins with 50 life. The King wins the game if they are the final player alive.
  • The Knight's goal is to protect the King. If the King and the Knight are the lasts ones alive, they both win the game.
  • The Bandits goal is to kill the King. If the King dies, the Bandits win the game, regardless of who else is still alive.
  • The Assassin wins when all other players are dead.
  • The Usurper's goal is to deal the finishing blow to the King. If this happens, the Usurper becomes the King (and vice versa). The new Usuper's life total is then set to 20. It's now also the Knight's purpose to defend the new King.
  • Players besides the King cannot reveal their roles until the game is completely over. (The only exception is if the Usurper kills the King.)
  • Players can "claim" that they have certain role.
  • "I win the game" cards have no affect for this variant and are discouraged from being played. 

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