Horde X Archenemy: Nicol Bolas

by Gauntlet Hobbies - Garrett

Basic rules


Horde Magic is divided up into two factions: The Horde (the deck that runs automatically) and The Heroes (the players).

Win conditions

  •         The Horde wins if The Survivors' group life total is reduced to zero or below or if Nicol Bolas reaches 100 Spark counters.
  •         The Heroes win if The Horde has no cards in its library, no creatures on the battlefield, and Nicol  Bolas has no spark counters

Rules for The Horde

  •         The Horde has no player, it pilots itself and does not count as a player. 
  •         Any choice The Horde must make are made by the Heroes
  •         The Horde's turn starts by revealing cards from the top of its scheme deck and setting the scheme in motion. Then the Horde reveals the top two cards of its library. All revealed tokens are put into play. All revealed non-token is cast. Then the Horde will go to combat
  •         All creatures controlled by The Horde have Haste and "This creature must attack each turn if able."
  •         The Horde has no life total. Damage dealt to The Horde causes it to mill that many cards.
  •         Nicol Bolas Starts with 50 spark counters and can be dealt damage by spells as though he is a planeswalker, (spells that deal damage to players can be redirected to him and spells that can damage a Planeswalker) . Nicol Bolas will remove Spark counters from himself equal to the damage. If he cannot, the remaining damage will cause the Horde to mill that many cards.


Rules for The Heroes

  •         The Heroes have three turns to set their defenses before The Horde gets its first turn. Then turns alternate like normal.
  •         Like in Two-Headed Giant, The Heroes are a team and all take their turn simultaneously. The Heroes attack and block as a team.

·         Each Hero contributes 20 life to the group life total.


Ban list 

any card that says "you win the game"

any card that says "creatures cannot attack" 

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