Breaker of Oaths

by Gauntlet Hobbies - Garrett

Breaker of Oaths is a spin on Oathbreaker. here are the rules:
  • Oathbreaker is multiplayer format, played with 100 card singleton decks (98 deck *97 for partners*, 1 "oathbreaker" *2 for partners * and 1 signature spell).
  • You start the game with your Oathbreaker and Signature Spell in the command zone.
  • Your starting life is 40 .
  • Your “Oathbreaker” is a Planeswalker or Legendary Creature. Its color identity determines the contents of your deck. (or both if using partner) 
  • Your “Signature Spell” must be an instant or sorcery card that falls within your Oathbreaker’s color identity.
  • You cast your Oathbreaker from your command zone.
  • Your Signature Spell may only be cast if your Oathbreaker is on the battlefield under your control.
  • Both your Oathbreaker and Signature Spell are subject to “command zone tax”. These taxes are tracked individually, i.e. casting your Oathbreaker doesn’t cause your Signature Spell to cost more.
  • To find out more, read the full rules.
This is the Banlist for Breaker of Oaths.

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